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Tuesday 21st February 2023

The choir was pleased to take part in a joint concert at The Met. The other choirs were Ebbw Fach Choir and Abertillery Orpheus Male Voice Choir.

The title of the concert was ‘A Night of the Choirs’ and was a celebration  of the varied choral organisations in Abertillery.

The evening was well attended and a warm, welcoming atmosphere was created.

The audience enjoyed a very wide range of musical pieces, performed enthusiastically, by the three choirs. We were all pleased to support our local theatre as it has been an important cultural centre for many generations.


Marilyn Allen

Wednesday 1st March

We attended The Met as part of the annual St.David’s Day celebrations.

The event was also supported by Abertillery Orpheus Male Voice Choir, Abertillery Town Band, Abertillery Amateur Dramatic and Musical Society, Abertillery Youth Drama and Music Society and soloists.

The range of music proved to be very entertaining and was a worthy celebration of our Welsh culture. Hannah Webley was a very able presenter who introduced all the participants and kept the concert flowing smoothly.

It is always a pleasure to perform alongside so many musical organisations, especially with the young people of the area who show such talent and potential.

The funds raised during this event will be in aid of The Stroke Association and will benefit people in the local area.


Marilyn Allen

Thursday 25th May

The choir was honoured to attend the funeral of Prudy Morris at Ebenezer Church. Prudy had been a loyal, supportive chorister for many years and her family was keen to include the choir as part of the funeral. We sang two of her favourite songs and the event proved to be very emotional for those who had fond memories of Prudy. She was an uplifting, positive person who had a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious smile. Prudy will be missed by us all.


We must also acknowledge the recent passing of Elwyn Morris who was Ann Price’s partner. Elwyn often attended concerts and accompanied the choir when we went further afield on visits and tours. We send our deepest sympathy to Ann and to Elwyn’s family.

Saturday 10th June

The choir took part in Party in the Park which was a community event taking place in Abertillery Park. The event was well planned and was supported by many musical organisations from Abertillery, creating a wide range of music.

The choir sang a collection of uplifting, popular songs which suited the occasion.

The sunny weather attracted people of all ages and was enjoyed by everyone.

It was a very successful day and is likely to become an annual event.

Friday 23rd June / Monday 26th June

The choir travelled to the Isle of Wight for our weekend tour. We stayed at The Burlington Hotel in Sandown which was well positioned for walks along the beach and promenade. We visited popular tourist attractions around the island and particularly enjoyed our visit to Osbourne House.

On Sunday night we entertained other guests in the hotel. Our repertoire was well received and the audience enjoyed the range of music. The guests especially enjoyed the inclusion of well known pop songs and a Welsh lullaby. We had a very warm response from people in the hotel and the evening was very enjoyable.

It is lovely to spend leisure time with our musical team and with other choristers. The weekend was enjoyed by everyone and hopefully, there will be many more tours, in the future.

Marilyn Allen

Sunday 24th September

The choir was very pleased to visit St Fagans to perform in the large reception area.

We sang a wide range of songs and we were especially proud to sing some Welsh pieces in such an important national institution that represents the life and culture of Wales.

Many visitors entering the main building stopped to listen to us and several commented on the happy, upbeat choice of our repertoire. After our performance, visitors from other parts of Britain came to ask about the choir and said that the concert was very enjoyable and that our songs had added to their visit.

There was time for choristers to explore  the houses and exhibitions which are situated in the beautiful grounds of St Fagans. The weather improved after we arrived so it was lovely to join lots of families and visitors enjoying the wonderful exhibits.

The day was very successful and enjoyed by all.



Friday10th November

The choir was very honoured to take part in the annual remembrance service organised by representatives of The Royal British Legion.

It was especially pleasing that a large number of pupils from Abertillery Learning Community schools also performed at the service. There was a wide age range and the young people sang beautifully. The service was well attended by the community and I’m sure the families of the children were filled with pride.

St Michael’s Church was a fitting venue for this emotional, dignified service.



Monday 4th December

Once again we visited Cwrt Mytton Residential Home to celebrate Christmas festivities.

We received a very warm welcome from the staff and the residents.

The concert was a mix of festive songs and well loved carols with families and friends joining in with some of the songs.

It was particularly poignant that a former long serving member, Mrs Anne Weaver, sat alongside us for some of the carols. We were delighted that she was part of our choir, once more.

After the concert, the staff provided refreshments.


Marilyn Allen

Sunday 10th December

The choir attended the Advent Service at St. Michael’s Church. This was a special occasion as it is such an important event in the religious celebration of Christmas.

We sang appropriate carols between the traditional readings and the service was greatly appreciated by the small congregation.



Sunday 17th December

The choir was pleased to take part in the Annual Community Christmas Carol Concert.

The concert also featured Abertillery Orpheus Male Voice Choir, Abertillery Town Band, Abertillery Youth Drama and Musical Society and Ebbw Fach Choir.

It was lovely to hold the concert in St. Michael’s Church again as this beautiful building has been closed for a few years due to electrical problems.

The concert was very well attended with the audience enjoying a wide range of festive pieces from all of the local musical organisations.


Marilyn Allen

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